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A range of technologies to cover all bases

Sysmex diagnostic devices are known around the world for their reliability, accuracy and quality. Since we were founded nearly half a century ago, we have been driven by the desire to innovate so that both you and we can do our jobs better. To improve the analysis capabilities of our devices so clinicians can help people more effectively.

In those near-on fifty years it is fair to say we have changed the haematological analysis landscape. And nowadays we are the global leader in the haematology market. This is largely due to our focus on knowledge and technology – backed up by service and solution-based thinking.

Modern automated blood cell counters use various technologies to determine the parameters of a full blood count. When EDTA blood samples are aspirated by the analyser, blood is aliquoted (separated into small portions before being used in the various channels) and treated with various reagents to support the cell-specific properties. Next the analyser uses a range of technologies to investigate the content of the sample. Modern additions to the workflow include automatic smear-making, staining and digital imaging. Sysmex literally covers all the bases of the haematology laboratory.

Our XN-Series 5-part differential haematology analysers use fluorescence flow cytometry as the prime detection method for white blood cells (WBC), WBC differential, reticulocytes and NRBC.

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