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BloodScience Workcell
BloodScience Workcell

BloodScience Workcell: combined excellence through an interdisciplinary approach

The BloodScience Workcell smartly combines haematology and haemostasis testing in one interdisciplinary solution – to support physicians in obtaining a more holistic picture of their patients and to improve the workflow in the laboratory.

One automation line for two types of blood sample tubes

Sysmex’s novel laboratory automation concept consolidates the workflow automation of EDTA and citrate blood sample tubes by combining haematology automation lines, XR-9000 or XN-9100, with the new CN track for haemostasis.

Both automation lines are physically connected through the tube sorter TS-10 while the capabilities of the Extended IPU facilitate a standardised work area management for haematology and haemostasis. One user can operate this automation platform that harmonises high workload capacities for citrate and EDTA blood specimens. A safe and completely closed tube system with cap piercing functionality, it effectively reduces the biohazard risk.

A solution that encompasses data consolidation

Combining the Extended IPU with Caresphere™ for both disciplines embeds the pure automation solution in one comprehensive workflow and IT concept, which offers views and functionalities for the entire BloodScience Workcell. While the Extended IPU focuses on workflow management, Caresphere™ provides advanced QC monitoring – for instance, state-of-the-art QC management via Caresphere™ applications including the integration of multiple QC data sources – and capabilities for lab data analytics.

Components offering expertise and flexibility

The tube sorter TS-10 is the main sample entry point, providing an optimised pre-sorting of racks for analyser-specific parameter profiles for both initial orders and reflex tests, and sorting samples in the archive area for storage or archiving samples outside of the TS-10.

The modularity of the haematology automation lines and the CN track ensures flexible configurations and combines highly specialised analytical solutions for both haematology and haemostasis. For example, with haemostasis testing, users can benefit from the wide range of routine and speciality assays and powerful features available on CN-3000 and CN-6000 in combination with the high-throughput automated sample transportation.

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