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Sysmex and Inpeco announce the connection of the CN-3000/CN-6000 haemostasis analysers to the FlexLab™ Laboratory Automation System

2021/07/12 – Norderstedt, Germany

Sysmex is expanding its haemostasis solution portfolio and is collaborating with Inpeco once again. Three Sysmex haemostasis analysers – starting with CS-5100, and now CN-3000 and CN-6000 – are connectable to Inpeco’s FlexLabTM Total Laboratory Automation System.

The CN-3000 and CN-6000 series are state-of-the-art automated blood coagulation analysers designed to respond to increasingly diverse haemostasis needs by offering even higher levels of productivity, reliability, and operability than previous Sysmex haemostasis products. They are extremely fast yet compact, fully automated, and they offer a wide range of assays to be analysed on a single unit.

Inpeco, the global leader in open-system laboratory automation, enables labs to automate multiple specialties by connecting the analysers of their choice from various manufacturers to streamline workflows and assure secure results that drive premium quality patient care. Similar to the Sysmex haemostasis portfolio, Inpeco’s FlexLabTM automation system grows with the changing needs of the customer, making it a future proof investment.

The new CN-3000/CN-6000 connection interfaces are available for both FlexLab™ Standard and FlexLab™ High Throughput automation systems, allowing both manual and automatic loading. Being technically compatible with the CS-5100 analyser, customers can simply switch from one analyser to the other without having to replace their existing connection to the automation system.

This isn’t the first collaboration between Sysmex and Inpeco. Connections for our haematology and haemostasis analysers have been on the market for quite some time, with our first solution collaboration dating back to 2010. And the joint ambition of both companies to bring great solutions to the market continues – a new interface for the Sysmex urinalysis analysers as a unique solution to the market is coming soon!

About Inpeco

Inpeco is the global leader in Total Laboratory Automation. The company’s game-changing solutions combine open connectivity with full sample traceability to deliver secure test results and increased productivity to clinical laboratories around the world. To date, more than 2300 Inpeco systems have been shipped to over 70 countries. The Group is headquartered in Novazzano, Switzerland, and operates a manufacturing plant in the Piedmont region, Italy. For more information, visit

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