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Sysmex Europe has launched its new three-part differential automated haematology analyser XQ-320, adding excellence in quality to this important market segment

2022/04/11 – Norderstedt, Germany

Sysmex Europe has recently launched its new three-part differential system ‘XQ-320 XQ-Series Automated Haematology Analyser’, answering to the needs of this important high-volume market segment.

Sysmex Europe has recently launched its new three-part differential system ‘XQ-320 XQ-Series Automated Haematology Analyser’, answering to the needs of this important high-volume market segment. XQ-320 brings excellence in quality to a diverse range of clinical laboratory environments with reliable technology and a new level of usability. Users can get a first real impression of the new instrument at the EuroMedLab exhibition in Munich, Germany, 11–13 April 2022. 

The market segment today 

The three-part differential haematology market is a high-volume segment with more than 30,000 analysers sold globally per year. Due to their simplicity, three-part differential analysers are still cost-efficient devices for developing healthcare systems, while in the more mature markets, the local availability of haemograms is becoming increasingly relevant. The XQ-320 offers a great solution to the latter as it can be used as a stand-alone device, for instance for physician’s office laboratories, or as a supplementation in more complex facilities, such as bigger hospitals, where three-part differential analysers quickly provide results, for example in emergency rooms, on specialised wards, or other rapid-response diagnostic settings. 

Further, a new tendency to partially revert the long ongoing trend of centralisation in healthcare systems is emerging in various countries, and this has been intensified, if not set off, by the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 exposed the weaknesses of the centralisation approach, resulting in initiatives to de-centralise access to diagnostic laboratories by providing local healthcare services in healthcare centres or joint practices that may be connected to a bigger facility, such as a hospital or private lab in the region. The XQ-320 offers an excellent solution for such local facilities. 

XQ-320 – a valuable asset in all kinds of laboratory environments 

The new XQ-320 was designed by Sysmex to bring quality haematology testing to as many sites as possible in this highly diverse market segment. To this end, XQ-320 was equipped with a multitude of different features allowing to meet the diverse needs of the various types of laboratories in the healthcare facilities outlined above. 

While keeping the proven technology of the XP-300, new features used in Sysmex’s larger five-part differential analysers were added, such as clear flagging messages, the user interface, and a large touch screen. Since results correlate well with the larger analysers including the flagship XN-Series, and because of its various connection possibilities, integration of XQ-320 in laboratory and hospital networks is facilitated. 

The XQ-320 is a robust device, with low demands for sample volume, bench space and maintenance. It is very easy to operate, including fast user logon via barcode and quick start-up, and presents the results at a glance in less than a minute, which supports healthcare professionals in keeping their focus on the patient. 

Catering for special needs in terms of regulations, XQ-320 offers a range of functions related to quality control and patient data safety, some of which can be optionally activated depending on the area the instrument is installed in. 

More information on the XQ-320 can be found on Sysmex 3-part-differential haematology analysers ( 

With the XQ-320 analyser, Sysmex continues to provide quality solutions for all our haematology customers, from the smallest to the biggest laboratory. 


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