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Sysmex Europe Launches the UF-1500 Fully Automated Urine Particle Analyser, a New Product for the Urine Particle Analysis Testing Field

2023/04/03 – Norderstedt, Germany

Product Line-up Expanding for Small and Medium-Sized Facilities

Sysmex Europe launches the UF-1500 Fully Automated Urine Particle Analyser (UF-1500), a new product for use in particle analysis. The UF-1500 inherits the high levels of functionality and usability of the UF-5000 Fully Automated Urine Particle Analyser (UF-5000), our flagship model in urine particle analysis while achieving a downsizing of the former model. By expanding the product line-up, we will deliver a wider range of solutions tailored to the customer’s environment and contribute to the streamlining and standardisation of urine testing at small and medium-sized facilities.

Urine particle analysis is an important test used to diagnose renal and urinary tract disorders. This test is conducted by classifying and measuring particles formed in urine, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, and bacteria.

In response to the growing need for streamlining laboratory work and standardising testing operations, recent years have seen an increasing trend to shift to fully automated testing systems. Under these circumstances small and medium-sized facilities, and clinics, among others, have a growing need for automating their urinalysis testing, using compact and reasonably priced testing systems with high levels of performance and ease of use.

The UF-1500 will serve as the newest addition to our flagship series of automated urinalysis analysers, the UN-Series, launched in 2016 in the EMEA region. With more than 30 years of expertise in the field of urinalysis, Sysmex is continuously innovating technological advancements to bring sophisticated, user-friendly solutions to customers globally.

The new UF-1500 maintains high levels of functionality, and usability, all by using the same advanced fluorescence flow cytometry technology of our flagship UF-5000 while achieving great reductions in footprint (by approx. 30%1). It also supports connectivity to our UC-3500 urine chemistry analysers, meeting a variety of customer needs, including the demand for a fully automated urinalysis workstation in developed and emerging markets, as well as demand for backup and satellite systems for large facilities that have previously installed the UN-Series. As an industry frontrunner, Sysmex will continue proactively utilising advanced technologies and engaging in research and development to provide new value to customers.

1 Comparison of footprints: The footprint of the UF-1500 (sampler type) is 28% smaller than that of the UF-5000 (SA-51).
The footprint of the UF-1500 (sampler type) is 32% smaller than that of the UF-5000 (CV-11).
The footprint of the UF-1500 (non-sampler type) is 29% smaller than that of the UF-5000 (urine-cup model).      

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