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Sysmex Group Formulates a Long-Term Corporate Strategy and Mid-Term Management Plan

2023/05/11 – Kobe, Japan

Starting a New Challenge for the Next Decade

Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; President: Kaoru Asano) has formulated a new long-term corporate strategy, with fiscal 2033 as the final year, aimed at sustaining the Group's growth and reinforcing its management foundation. The Company has also established a Group mid-term management plan, with the fiscal year ending March 31, 2026 as its final year. This plan specifying important matters to be addressed in the future and promotes concrete measures to achieve them.

In 2018, Sysmex announced its vision of becoming “A Unique & Advanced Healthcare Testing Company” under its long-term corporate strategy. To this end, we have been working to strengthen our diagnostics business, while also developing new testing methods, including as COVID-related and Alzheimer's disease reagents. We also took on a new challenge, launching the medical robotics business. 

Meanwhile, global uncertainty has increased due to climate change and geopolitical risks, and the level of expectation toward companies and the importance of achieving a sustainable society are growing every year. 

Under these circumstances, Sysmex has formulated a new long-term corporate strategy ending in fiscal 2033, based on the “Sysmex Way," the corporate philosophy for the Sysmex Group. We aim to instill "anshin,"1 which lies at the core of our corporate philosophy, to all stakeholders in order to address diverse and complex healthcare needs and solve various social issues.

Additionally, Sysmex has established a new long-term vision, "Together for a better healthcare journey." We will provide new value by creating innovations in the domain of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) as well as by exploring the domains of pre-symptomatic and preventive medicine and treatment, thus improving the lifelong healthcare journey of each individual. In doing so, we aim to become a company with sales of one trillion yen in fiscal 2033. To achieve this vision, we have set three-year mid-term management goals and identified key priority issues to address while implementing specific measures. 



1. The Sysmex Group’s Long-Term Corporate Strategy
  ■ Long-Term Vision
    “Together for a better healthcare journey”

People universally desire to live long and healthy lives. Sysmex aims to realize a society in which people can maintain lifelong health by accurately ascertaining each individual's physical condition, allowing for the provision of treatment and services optimized for the individual.

Sysmex is proposing the new concept of a "healthcare journey." Through various collaborations, we aim to offer new value to make each individual's healthcare journey better and grow as an essential presence in society. 

   ■ Key Points of the Long-Term Corporate Strategy
    1) Expand our target domain from diagnostics to the healthcare journey
    2) Accelerate business growth by leveraging our strengths
    3) Strengthen our human capital to accelerate growth as a sustainable company, and take on the challenge of reducing environmental impact
       1)Expand our target domain from diagnostics to the healthcare journey
        To achieve a better healthcare journey, it is crucial for healthcare professionals (medical institutions, medical staff, etc.) to improve the level and quality of medical care, utilize healthcare information and improve the medical economy. Sysmex leverages its technology and business know-how cultivated in the IVD domain to create high-value-added testing and diagnostic technologies using the latest technology. We also take on challenges in the domain of surgical treatment and regenerative and cellular medicine, making full use of our strengths throughout the healthcare journey. We will select and add domains where we can create value by leveraging our strengths, and aim to enhance our corporate value. 
       2)Accelerate business growth by leveraging our strengths
        We aim to augment growth and profitability by deepening our diagnostics business and pursuing added value through innovation. Additionally, we will strive to further enhance our corporate value by exploring new domains outside of diagnostics. The global customer network we have developed over many years is a company asset. We will introduce NPS®2 (Net Promoter Score) as a customer loyalty indicator to keep driving innovation that contributes to greater customer value.
      3)Strengthen our human capital to accelerate growth as a sustainable company, and take on the challenge of reducing environmental impact

Human capital is an important source of value creation driving our growth and development. Strengthening human capital that is aligned with our materiality3 and corporate strategy promotes innovation and drives new value creation. Therefore, we will improve engagement through consistent investment in people and realization of attractive workplace.

In addition, as environmental sustainability has become an urgent issue, Sysmex has set new non-financial targets for reducing environmental impact, such as achieving zero product losses, switching completely to recycled and environmentally conscious materials, and further evolving Sysmex’s Eco-Vision, which was established in 2018.

We prioritize efforts to address materiality, including by resolving medical issues through products and services and realizing an attractive workplace while considering the environment. We strive to promote these initiatives throughout the entire Group, instilling confidence among a diverse range of stakeholders and aiming to achieve sustainable management. 

2.The Sysmex Group’s Mid-Term Management Plan
  ■Mid-term management goals 
 Category Parameter Year ending March 31, 2026
Financial Growth  Net sales ¥560.0 billion 
Profitability  Operating profit ¥112.0 billion 
Efficiency  ROE 16.0% 
Cash flow  Free cash flow ¥46.0 billion 
  1) Mid-term goals (consolidated)
  Year ending March 31, 2024  Year ending March 31, 2026  CAGR
Net sales  ¥460.0 billion   ¥560.0 billion  10.9% 
Operating profit  ¥83.0 billion    ¥112.0 billion  15.0% 
Operating margin  18.0%   20.0%  -  
ROE  13.0%  16.0%  -  
Operating cash flow  ¥82.0 billion   ¥102.0 billion  -  
Free cash flow  ¥23.0 billion   ¥46.0 billion  -  
  2) Sales goals by business field
  Year ending March 31, 2024 Year ending March 31, 2026  CAGR
  Hematology ¥265.5 billion  ¥297.0 billion  7.2% 
  FCM ¥4.5 billion  ¥7.0 billion  45.7% 
  Urinalysis ¥38.0 billion  ¥43.0 billion  8.1% 
  Hemostasis ¥71.0 billion  ¥93.0 billion  11.6% 
  Immunochemistry ¥29.5 billion  ¥40.0 billion  19.3% 
  Clinical chemistry ¥4.0 billion  ¥5.0 billion  13.4% 
  Life science ¥22.0 billion  ¥31.0 billion  15.9% 
  Others ¥18.5 billion  ¥17.0 billion  0.6% 
Diagnostics business ¥453.0 billion  ¥533.0 billion  9.3% 
Medical robotics business ¥7.0 billion  ¥27.0 billion  126.2% 
Total ¥460.0 billion  ¥560.0 billion  10.9% 
  3) Sales goals by destination
  Year ending March 31, 2024 Year ending March 31, 2026  CAGR
Japan ¥68.0 billion  ¥90.0 billion  14.6% 
Americas ¥117.5 billion  ¥140.0 billion  9.7% 
EMEA ¥120.0 billion  ¥140.0 billion  7.9% 
China ¥109.5 billion  ¥130.0 billion  10.3% 
Asia Pacific ¥45.0 billion  ¥60.0 billion  18.0% 
  Note: Assumed exchange rates during the mid-term management plan
¥133.0 ¥143.0 ¥19.2

*Compound annual growth rate from year ended March 31, 2023 to year ending March 31, 2026


  ■Key priority issues to reach mid-term management goals
    1)Enhance competitiveness and expand markets through innovation in existing business domains
      In the field of immunochemistry, we are expanding reagent parameters for the HISCL™-5000/HISCL-800 Automated Immunoassay System. We are also promoting the early commercialization of business aimed at assisting in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. In the hematology field, we are accelerating the global rollout of the XR™-Series Automated Hematology Analyzer, in the aim of enhancing growth and profitability. In addition, we will introduce products that meet market needs in emerging markets, where population growth, economic development, and improved healthcare quality are expected, and contribute to improving healthcare access and infrastructure. In particular, we consider India an important market, and we will accelerate business planning, product development, and market introduction, working to expand our market share in emerging markets. Meanwhile, in the hemostasis field we are reinforcing our sales structure based on a global OEM agreement concluded with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc., in the aim of further enhancing customer value. 
    2)Accelerate commercialization centered on genetic testing in the domain of personalized medicine
      In the domain of personalized medicine, which is expected to grow significantly, Sysmex is developing new parameters that utilize its strength in liquid biopsy technologies (genes, cells and proteins). The Company aims to commercialize and launch technologies that will lead personalized medicine, using its own research products and technologies. In addition, Sysmex is working to create new diagnostic solutions for hematopoietic tumors, cancer, hereditary diseases, and age-related diseases by combining its testing technologies and utilizing digital science.
    3)Create a new business model in the domains of prevention and self-medication
      As society’s demand for prevention and self-medication continues to rise, we will promote the development of products and services that enable at-home testing and less invasive testing specifically for elderly patients, as part of the anticipated transition to individual-focused medical care. We will work on providing early medical support from both individual time-series data and statistical data for groups and enhancing our existing assets, such as hematology, to improve testing for mass infectious diseases and malaria, with a focus on preventing infections. Our ultimate goal is to achieve universal health coverage (UHC).
    4)Accelerate business growth in the therapeutic domain, centered on the MR business
      In Japan, we will steadily expand our business in the surgical domain with the hinotori™ Surgical Robot System. Additionally, we will promote efforts towards overseas regulatory approval to enable global expansion. Leveraging the technology and expertise we have cultivated in the IVD domain, we will work to create new businesses in domains that straddle the boundaries of diagnosis and treatment, such as regenerative and cellular medicine and gene therapy, as well as promote open innovation aimed at bringing innovative digital technology into society and healthcare. To this end, we will also focus on creating new businesses that utilize medical data.
    5)Realize a circular resource value chain and transform with a view to solving social issues
      In order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040, we will shift our focus to environmentally conscious materials for packaging and consumables, and promote the elimination of plastic. We will also create green innovation through 4R4 in all value chains, and transform toward a circular value chain that eliminates resource waste, through open innovation with customers, alliance partners, other companies and suppliers. Furthermore, we will work on priority issues for our sustainable growth, based on Sysmex's materiality, such as solving medical issues, improving quality, enhancing environmental consideration, and strengthening governance. By helping to resolve social issues through our business activities, we will promote sustainable management.
    6)Enhance corporate value by strengthening human capital and management base
      We will expand our human capital portfolio to align with our corporate strategy by attracting and cultivating next-generation leaders and highly specialized professionals to support sustained growth. We will also work to promote smart work and cultivate a fair and attractive corporate culture to enhance engagement. Furthermore, we will continue to enhance Group management by strengthening internal control mechanisms and optimizing risk management functions, and we will strive to improve business processes and productivity through DX.


3. New Corporate Message

Together for a better healthcare journey

   May 11, 2023 news release titled “Sysmex Formulates Sysmex Eco-Vision 2033”
   1 anshin:
    Anshin is a word at the core of the Sysmex corporate philosophy that embodies the essence of what we have been pursuing since our foundation, and has the following meanings:
      ・A state in which customers have no concerns about the safety and quality of our products and services.
・A state in which stakeholders can trust, be confident and reassured in our relationship, transactions, interaction, and all other matters. 
・A state in which individuals in society can be in a calm state of mind with little or no anxiety about their own health, lives, or other matters.
   2 NPS® is a registered trademark of Bain&Company, Fred Reichheld, and SatmetrixSystems.
Sysmex’s materiality:
  4 4Rs in the value chain:
Sysmex defines the 4Rs in the value chain as reduce, reuse, recycle and replace. Through these environmentally friendly initiatives, we will transform ours into a circular resource value chain.
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