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CN-3000 and CN-6000 are extremely fast yet compact, fully automated haemostasis analysers that offer a wide range of assays to be analysed on a single unit, thanks to a variety of measuring principles on board and smart use of reagent table and detector block capacities. To meet individual customers’ automation needs, CN-6000 and CN-3000 can be configured flexibly. The systems offer power in a new dimension for the busy haemostasis lab by a multitude of novel features, creating a refreshing user experience.

The latest members of CN-Series, CN-3500 and CN-6500, are fully automated haemostasis analysers teamed up with a CLEIA (chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay) unit*, forming an integrated device that runs all your routine and speciality assays out of one sample. The integration of plasma-based immunologic assays into your routine analyser helps you streamline your sodium citrate sample workflow, save space, and simplify the management of your instruments – all this with an equitable investment as you do not need to purchase an additional instrument for the added measurement capability.

Regarding the availability of the products in each country, please approach your local Sysmex representative.

*Depending on territories, CLEIA Haemostasis Sysmex reagents can be for research use only


Powerful productivity

  • The smallest footprint with the most comprehensive assay menu on a single analyser – from routine to specialty tests (e.g. DOACs and platelet aggregation assays) including CLEIA* (on CN-3500/CN-6500).
  • Very high throughput for classical haemostasis assays and short TAT for the CLEIA method, with a time from sample aspiration to result display of only 17 minutes on average.
  • Free up your precious bench space. CN-Series analysers are compact units that leave you enough lab space to move around comfortably.
  • The minimum required plasma volume has been reduced by approximately 65% due to improved sample pipetting.
  • Whatever your need, CN-Series offers flexible configurations: stand-alone instruments optionally equipped with a larger sampler, or up to three analysers connected to a track system. We continue developing TLA connectivity – contact your Sysmex representative for more details.

Analytical power

  • gives labs the confidence to obtain valid results from more samples, thanks to cutting-edge ‘multi-wavelength’ technology and sophisticated pre-analytical processing capabilities such as HIL and sample volume checks across multiple tube types.
  • provides enhanced analytical features such as a cross-mixing function to make inhibitor testing more convenient, and clot waveform analysis (CWA) to identify atypical in vitro clot reactions that may occur with haemophilia, sepsis or DIC patients.
  • CN-3500/CN-6500 uses a CLEIA measurement principle and reagents already proven in other Sysmex analysers (HISCL series).

Operational power

  • minimises tedious and time-consuming manual intervention related to sample and reagent handling.
  • improves workflow operability, for example through a test count prediction for a smooth routine, and automated dilution of agonists for platelet aggregation assays.
  • Manage your reagents easily and quickly with clear reagent screens.
  • Three-button operation (start – stop – resume) provides utmost simplicity to relieve busy staff.
  • Labs can reduce the work and cost associated with maintenance thanks to an increased durability of the new type of piercer and LED light sources.
  • No extra hands-on time: no additional scheduled maintenance for the extended range of technologies on board.
  • CN-3500/CN-6500 sustains traceability by storing the result data in one centralised place.

Powerful services

  • offer labs peace of mind, with proactive and advanced services including remote functionalities.
  • provide proactive maintenance with CN-Series’ self-check function and maintenance task cues to the user.
  • CN-Series’ support functions (e.g. technical self-checks, interactive troubleshooting guide) on the CN-3500 and CN-6500 seamlessly include the CLEIA unit.

*Depending on territories, CLEIA Haemostasis Sysmex reagents can be for research use only

Technical Specifications



coagulation function
clotting, chromogenic, latex agglutination immunoassay, and platelet aggregation on all CN-Series models

immunology function*
chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay (CLEIA) on CN-3500 and CN-6500




PT: 225 tests/h; PT/APTT: 215 tests/h
PT: 450 tests/h; PT/APTT: 401 tests/h
PT: 225 tests/h; CLEIA: 26 tests/h
PT: 450 tests/h; CLEIA: 26 tests/h

CLEIA time to first result: approx. 17 minutes (time from sample aspiration to result display)




up to 60 parameters analysed simultaneously
up to 5 parameters analysed simultaneously

Analysis methods dilution measurement, multi-dilution (MDA), cross-mixing, automated re-measurement (repeat, re-dilution, reflex), clot waveform analysis (CWA), CLEIA method
CLEIA assays

a DIC panel of 4 assays (RUO):
thrombin-antithrombin complex (TAT)
tissue plasminogen activator / plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 complex (tPAI • C)
thrombomodulin (TM)
plasmin-α2-plasmin inhibitor complex (PIC)

Light source

LED with multi-wavelength capability
(340 nm, 405 nm, 575 nm, 660 nm, 800 nm)

Pre-analytical checks

HIL check (assay-based), sample volume check

Sampling cap-piercing functionality, dedicated STAT position
Loading capacity 30 tubes with standard sampler; continuous loading
120 tubes with optional sampler module; continuous loading
Calibration curves up to 250 assays with 2-12 points/curve
Stored test results up to 10,000 samples
QC methods Westgard, Xbar, L-J
40 files with max. 1,200 data points each






(W x H x D [mm/kg])

595* x 1,350 x 906 / 230
*720 mm including cuvette waste box
(main instrument including pneumatic unit and standard sampler, without PC / monitor)
1,060 x 1,350 x 1,030 mm / 330
(main instrument with optional sampler/wagon and cuvette waste box)

1,055 x 1,350 x 906 / 407
(main instrument including pneumatic unit, with standard sampler)
1,385 x 1,350 x 1,030 / 507
(main instrument including pneumatic unit, with optional sampler)

*Depending on territories, CLEIA Haemostasis Sysmex reagents can be for research use only

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