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CN-Series haemostasis analysers

At Sysmex, we are proud to draw on our expertise in haematology diagnostics to design and develop our advanced haemostasis testing solutions. Our CN-Series analysers are now available in the EMEA region, offering unparalleled productivity, analytical prowess, and operational efficiency and are aided by the additional services Sysmex provides.

The four powers concept in action

We at Sysmex are committed to challenging ourselves continuously to offer innovative solutions that respond to increasingly varied and sophisticated customer needs. That is why we have created the CN-Series, a haemostasis testing solution that focuses on four key aspects:

Powerful Productivity

Powerful Productivity

Powerful Productivity ensures efficient space utilisation and diverse testing options, including:

  • The smallest footprint and fastest throughput in Sysmex's haemostasis analyser history.
  • Up to 450 tests/h for classical haemostasis parameters, and up to 26 tests/h for CLEIA method*.
  • Comprehensive assay menu including platelet aggregation and DOAC assays.
  • Minimal sample dead volume for maximum analyses in less space.
Analytical Power

Analytical Power

Analytical Power provides reliable results from challenging samples through advanced processing capabilities such as:

  • HIL and sample volume checks to identify sub-optimal samples.
  • Multi-wavelength technology for clotting, chromogenic, platelet aggregation, and immunoassays.
  • Clot waveform analysis (CWA)* for comprehensive coagulation function assessment.
  • On-board cross-mixing functions for convenient inhibitor testing.
Operational Power

Operational Power

Operational Power minimises manual tasks for streamlined daily routines with minimal hands-on time and includes a range of features such as:

  • The system informing upfront about reagent requirements for planned daily routines.
  • Automatic dilution function for platelet aggregation agonists, eliminating manual tasks.
  • Fully integrated measuring units, automatic sample aliquot transfer, and connection to water purification system for hassle-free operation.
  • Run up to 120,000 samples without changing the piercer.
  • Long-lasting LED light sources, up to five years without user maintenance.
Powerful Services

Powerful Services

At Sysmex, our services offer proactive support and remote functionalities, prioritising practical solutions for your lab needs. Our Services, at a glance, include:

  • CN's self-check functions prevent sudden downtime with real-time diagnosis.
  • Remote support capabilities from Sysmex minimise downtime and fit seamlessly into your lab's schedule.
  • An interactive guide for easy troubleshooting, ensuring smooth operations.
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Introducing the CN-Series analyser and its innovative capabilities

In this video, we will delve deeper into how Powerful Productivity, Analytical Power, Operational Power, and Powerful Services set our analysers apart and discover the unique selling points that make Sysmex a leader in haemostasis testing.

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Stay on track with high-volume workloads

In this video, we explore how combining our CN-Series coagulation analysers with the haemostasis transportation system can help your lab expand its testing capabilities. Discover how Sysmex automation allows for customised lab solutions that fit you best and turbocharge your lab’s capabilities.

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Availability Note: For product availability in your country, contact your local Sysmex representative. CLEIA Haemostasis Sysmex reagents are currently under development. Stay tuned for details on their availability.

* For research use only (RUO)

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CN track

CN track

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CN-Series analysers

CN-Series analysers

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